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About Us

Bio Nutrition, Inc. was started by Robert LoMacchio and Steven Myers in 2010.
Robert and Steven were lifelong friends of almost 40 years till his unexpected
passing in 2020. Since 1986 Robert started his passion for the industry working for
his father in his health food stores and then his father’s family supplement company.

Steven’s journey in the supplement industry began working in the LoMacchio’s
health food store. After years of training and grasping the in and outs of supplements, it was at that time Steven made the jump to open his own store front which is still in operation today.

With many years of experience in the industry Robert was driven to open a
supplement company as did his father. The company “Bio Nutrition” bloomed with
his long loved friends Steven and Lee. Truly a partnership that was a match made in
heaven. The group having different skill sets that afforded them the opportunity to
launch there dream company. Keeping competitive pricing and quality in mind they
have brought some of the best selling products to the industry. Never forgetting good
health and satisfaction is our number one priority.

Our goal for the future is for the company flourish in the way Robert had
envisioned. Not only Robert’s contributions to the industry with his drive, focus and
insight, but most importantly he had a true love for helping others. It was Robert’s
compassion to help others in need, in the future it is our hope to continue his
endeavor with a foundation in his honor to continue his dream.